A bright future for Cafe Roma! Effective October 1st of 2017 Sr. Fox and Cheryl welcome the popular and ever charismatic Jason Fiddler to our business. Jason is the perfect fit to become our partner in business at Café Roma and our other interests in PV.

Sr. Fox, Cheryl and staff welcome you to come in and meet Jason this Saturday, Oct 28th. As of now, Jason will oversee all operations and day to day management, while Sr. Fox and Cheryl will remain as partners and advisors only. This will clear a path for us for our retirement. Our property rentals and our commitment to the Roma Kids program continues as always. Rest assure that our staff, business direction and commitment to all of you has not changed. If anything, it will be enhanced by Jason’s vibrance and enthusiasm, even though he may not be as good of a singer as he thinks - we think it's only fitting to have another owner who thinks he's the next Alan Jackson.

A little about Jason:
Jason has been frequently visiting Mexico and Cafe Roma for several years. In fact, some of the Canadian Police paraphernalia displayed in Cafe Roma was brought to us by Jason on his many visits. Jason comes to us after retiring from a successful and accomplished career in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) retiring at the rank of Inspector.
Aside from his love for entertaining people with his singing, Jason is an avid hockey player and lover of all kinds of sports. You can expect the addition of major sports events to be added to Cafe Roma’s entertainment schedule!
His love of Puerto Vallarta and the people who visit and call it home is apparent in his determination to be part of the lifestyle and the Cafe Roma family.
Come help us welcome Jason to our Puerto Vallarta Family this Saturday, Oct 28th. We are confident that you will love this new addition to Cafe Roma.
Stay tuned!

Sr.Fox & Foxy would like to introduce our staff in the photo below. Our Mgr. Jorge, our Foxy bartender, our proud Chefs Geovanni and Irac in our kitchen. We would like to welcome you to Café Roma Pizzeria Restaurant and Bar in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We pride ourselves in opening our home to you, your family and friends.
Now in our 12th year, we would like to thank each and everyone of you for helping us create one of the top rated places to visit in Mexico.
Stay tuned. Updated Staff photos coming soon

We offer one of the best real Italian Thin Crust Pizzas, Great Pasta, Yummy Chicken Wings, Delicious Pork Ribs and Fresh Salads in a comfortable, cool, home style environment free of hassles from Time-Share salesmen and vendors. We also offer Full size, Corona and Pacifico Beer as well as Excellent and reasonably priced mixed drinks. Come try our Margaritas available in Fresh Lime, Strawberry, Banana and Mango. You will fall in love with us!
We are open from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm everyday except Sundays. Sundays we are closed to let our staff spend time with their families.
On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we offer Karaoke from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm.
On Tues and Thurs we offer some great Live Country Music from 6:00 pm to ?

Check out a Virtual Photo Sphere tour of Puerto Vallarta HERE

Got some Karaoke on your mind? Check out our new program that allows you to not only search but also have them ready in our program for you to sing when you come in.
Click the logo on the left to view the Karaoke program. This will open a new browser window on your computer.

Cafe Roma is now OPEN for the 2017 season.
Our hardworking family of staff was on paid vacation for 5 months. Thank you all for your continued support.
See you soon!

See see details of our Condos for Rent HERE

Read our Mission Statement HERE

We can accommodate groups of 75+ for banquets and special events and have a great track record of fun parties. Please email us or call us for a price quote. You will be pleasantly surprised at our reasonable prices when book your next group event or meeting with us.

Click above for our
live Webcam feed.

Check out our web page dedicated to the Kids

We always have Long Distance telephone to the USA and Canada available for FREE!

We would like to apologize in advance for having too much fun! See our photo galleries.

See you Soon!

Roma Pizzeria in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

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We now have sound on our Webcam during special events. Turn it up!
Our Webcam is online during business hours, 11:00 am to 10:00 pm, Mon thru Sat.

For printable maps check out JR's maps at Southside or Centro


If you enjoyed your visit to our place, please take the time to complete the review below.
Let others know what you think.

What others say about us:

  • The prices are also incredible! For our 43 guests, the dinner came to under $400! I was shocked. The pizzas are thin crust, and very, very yummy. My husband LOVES the chicken wings... see more HERE

  • Just returned from our annual August visit to PV, and Cafe Roma was the only place we ate at twice

  • You could drink a lot of his cervezas, have a pizza of your choice, and have quite a nice time at Cafe Roma for not much dinero.

  • I'm from the Chicago area and the pizza at Cafe Roma reminds me of the Pullman district style. Similar to Traverso's for you ChiTowners. It has a light thin crust and just the right amount of toppings and cheese... an excellent host and we really enjoyed our stay.

  • And yes, I'd like everyone to know that your pizza is indeed, deeelicious!

  • What a wonderful surprise, an unexpected treat. A true gem in Vallarta.

  • You are genuine and authentic...

  • Thanks for the clean washrooms and the best food.

  • Fox and the staff at Cafe Roma, We have been to Puerto Vallarta 7 times and stayed at all inclusive resorts but only really started to have fun when we realized that the best times are spent away from the resorts. The fancy brand name restaraunts and bars are only interested in your money. If you want a truly great time get off the strip and try a restaurant/ bar like Cafe Roma. The staff is nuts ( in a great way)
    You can't beat the prices and when you get tired of the mexican food you can get a back home pizza at less than back home prices. It's hard to find a rest room anywhere that they don't hassle you and these rest rooms were clean. The walk up to the second floor restaurant is worth the climb. The view, the service, and the atmosphere is worth the visit alone. We told Fox that next year we would be happy to stay there for our entire visit if he could supply a place to sleep as well. Hats off to everyone there. If you don't try the place---it's your loss.
    It's Worth the Trip
    Harry and Shirley from Steinbach Manitoba, Canada

  • Wow, one of the best pizzas I've ever had and my girlfriend agreed 100%. Great prices on pizza and (my favorite) beer, and they were not kidding when they tell you the service is as good as the food. Thank you for adding to our awesome trip to P.V. I have told everyone that asked me about my trip about your place. A+ on the pizza, beer, service, the view and the atmosphere. Its nice to see that some people still know how to do good business. Be proud of your piece of the world!

    Kyle and Trina
    Winnipeg, MB

  • Just got back one week ago from another great week in Paradise. I found your place on the net, sent a pre-scout party to check you out before I got there as I only have one week in PV. I spent two long afternoons in your place and I want to thank you for bringing COLD beer to PV and a great place. I think you might remember one of my groups in there as we occupied your place with Wisconsin Badger fans. Your waiters are awesome and your place is a must visit. I will be back in a short 50 weeks to see you again. If I win the lottery I will be back sooner otherwise see you next March and keep up the great business as I will continue to send many people there. I brought 20 of my friends for the Badger game and I plan on sending many more.

    Adam A. Arians
    Senior Marketing Associate
    SYSCO Food Services of Baraboo
    1-800-366-8711 ext 6302

  • Café Roma is where you want to go when great food, cold beer, clean bathrooms and good times are important to you. You can listen to great music, check email, call home for free, or just wave to Mom on the webcam. Got a question about Vallarta, Fox and his crew either know the answer, or know someone who does. Stop in for a beer and meet the pals you never knew you had! Stop in once and you'll be back... time and again.

    Jim Morrison

  • My wife and I have visited PV 2 times in 3 years and finally found the best food in PV. Fox and team have the best pizza my wife and I have ever eaten and went back 2 days in a row to eat it and also took one back to the all inclusive resort we were staying at. He has Bud Light as well and also the only person in Mexico that left his establishment to go and get me some EXCELLENT cigars at a very reasonable price. I tried to give him a tip and he told me to leave it for his team. Go to Café Roma and you will NOT be sorry, you will have a great time and be treated very well. It will be the first stop when I return to PV.

    Wayne & Debbie Coleman
    Rawlins, Wyoming 82301

  • Thank you Fox and your staff for the best pizza, lasagna and wings in PV, we got the recommendation from one of your fellow Canadians while at our pool, we decided to check it out and had to go back one more time with the rest of our group of ten. The service, staff and food were outstanding, made the climb up well worth it.We will be back next November, several trips to Café Roma I am sure, we have to try the ribs !!!!
    Thanks again for the great food and service!!!!
    Keep up the good work,

    Hans and Penny Leinbeck
    Sussex, WI

  • Your pizzas truly ARE fabulous, the beer PERFECTLY cold and your hand picked tequila out of this world. Cafe Roma is the perfect Mexican version of Cheers! Warm and welcoming!

    With that said - I want to add that I love your Cafe, your way of life, your friends and your happiness and thank you for sharing it with the rest of us. We'll see you all again!!!

  • Thanks Fox and Carlo's for a fantastic evening. Your pizza and prices can't be beat and the staff are great. We visited you twice and we will never forget either trip. Never thought we would have pizza in Puerto Vallarta better than any of the North American pizza chains. Keep up the good work.
    Our only problem now is we have to wait another year for a holiday back, but you will be one of our first stops when arriving in your wonderful city. Absolutely love your place.

    Take care
    See you in 51 weeks
    Andy Zyla

  • Fox (and Juan Carlos and the rest of the Roma Family),
    Every once in a while, when we are slugging through the snow and ice that comes too often to the mountains of north Georgia, I log into your website and click on the webcam so I can remember what we experienced in PV and Cafe Roma. You may remember me as the big guy who came in the rest of the Hashers during Hash Week, last summer. Mary and I absolutely loved your place and frankly, we miss it. Your webcam helps bring us back there cause it's most often focused on the table we sat at out on the balcony. Thanks for keeping it up so we can remember our excellent trip to Mexico. Your food is excellent (specially the shrimp calzone with jalapenos), your beer is cold and your hospitality is unequaled. We hope we can get back down there sometime to re-kindle the great time we had. All the best to everyone.

    Tom Edwards
    Director, Cardiovascular Services
    Northeast Georgia Health System
    743 Spring St., Gainesville, GA

  • Hi, we are just 2 of the many Canadians that visit Café Roma when in Mexico! Because we had been there only once last year, we had a hard time remembering where you were, but once we found you, we remembered why we went back!! Thank you for a great time at the Superbowl party, the most incredible food (the ribs are to die for!) and we will see you again next year.
    Cheers from Linda and Richard
    Montreal Canada

  • Hi from Carberry, Manitoba
    Just got home yesterday morning about 9:00 A.M. Drove through a blizzard between Winnipeg and Portage a rude end to our holiday. Thank you Fox for your hospitality and sharing info on PV. Also thanks to a great waiter Juan-Carlos. You have an excellent business going there and we wish we could have found it sooner. Oh darn we have to return next year for sure. Your place will become our main watering hole. Just how do you become friends with so many strangers? Keep up the good work and keep on putting smiles on those weary sunburnt travellers!
    Your friends,
    Bill and Elsie

  • To Fox , Juan-Carlos, & the rest of the staff
    We just want to thank you for such a Fun place with Great food. We were in P.V. Oct, 07 and had pizza and fun 3 times at Café Roma. But it’s not just the great food, cold beer, fun music & low prices. It’s also how you feel at home. Juan-Carlos would take the time to tell us about his country and life there, and also ask us about our lives and home. Genuine friendship seems to be served along with the food. We can’t wait to get back. Oct, 08 is still too far off. This time we are coming back with our son & friends, and Café Roma will be our first stop.

  • Hello! We ate at your restaurant last week and we loved it! Thank you for the wonderful service, fantastic food and fun atmosphere! We had a great time and we will be sure to pass on to anyone we know going to Puerto Vallarta that they need to visit your restaurant! Thank you for the great time!!!

    Katie & Drew Holt
    Omaha, Nebraska

  • Sr. Fox.....You were right. The food and beverages were excellent... but best of all was the service and friendliness of you and your staff. Like you said...relax and have a cold beer. My guests were very pleased and let me know it. It was the perfect place for 50 person pre-wedding party. I'm going check out the video on the website. Once again...Thanks for your hospitality and the first class service and atmosphere that Cafe Roma provided...It was just right for our welcome banquet.

    Rick Guyon

  • What a FUN place! We stopped for lunch on Thanksgiving Day and our family back in NY were able to see us on your webcam! Excellent food, drinks and service. Thanks for the laughs. We'll be sure to return next year when we visit Puerto Vallarta again.

    The Eisenmenger's
    Rochester NY

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